What is Geotagging?

what is geotagging?

The process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as geotagged photographs/images, videos, websites, or RSS feeds, or QR Codes, and is a form of geospatial metadata is called Geotagging. On websites, images, videos, and other numerous data types and sources can be generally a form of latitude and longitude coordinates. It might also include place names such as street addresses, towns, postal zip codes, or telephone area codes.


How does Geotagging help users?

Geotagging can help users from a device to find an immense variety of locations on specific information. One of the examples of Geotagging is by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates by the image search engine, you can find images taken by the near location area. It enables the information of services that are potentially used to find websites, location-based news, and other schemes. It provides users with a lot of suitable features like for example the Google Street View, users can take photographs from the streets near the input location with links to maps and satellite photographs of the area. In terms of Social Media sites, geotagging can keep viewers informs on the situation of their friends and colleagues.


Mapping Software for Working with Geotagged Images

The tools that you need to locate and analyze your data is called Maptitude Mapping Software. It can read geotags from images and points in a geographic file based on the coordinate information.


In social media

There are popular features on social media platforms in Geotagging. For instance, Facebook or Instagram. It can inform viewers when the user is in someplace associated with photographs uploaded which on the other side might be endangering security once a user geotagged their location of the content of a given picture or other media platforms that is relevant to a given location. By their mobile devices, users may also use a feature that allows finding nearby Facebook friends by generating a list of people near you on the location tracker.

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