What is Domain Authority 2.0?

what is domain authority 2.0

Our industry serves Domain Authority as an imminent measure of ranking ability for the past years to keep pace with search engine algorithms.

Domain Authority is a type of search engine ranking metric that predicts a site up that will appear in Google between DA scores go from one to 100, the higher the score of your website has a better ability to appear on someone’s search-related terms and has a greater chance to rank.

In terms of SEO, Domain Authority provides the perception of the strength of a website and the prospect to rank your site in a specific keyword as compared to other sites.


Why Domain Authority is Important?


Your website’s reputation is the score in your Domain Authority. Providing high-quality content can boost your rankings in Google with higher DA.

Nowadays, sites are being evaluated by Google based on what we called “E-A-T” or also known as ExpertiseAuthoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, or in many ways is Domain Authority 2.0.

This SEO trend set Google Quality Rater Guidelines REALLY focused on E-A-T apart from the matter that it has been relatively used for guidelines for years and is now a more important ranking factor than before.


Considering that E-A-T cites as a key ranking signal,

here’s how to build up your site’s E-A-T:


Be An Expert (Or Hire One)

If you want your content to rank in 2021, please be aware that hiring random freelancers may lead you to trouble when you let them write your content, that is because Google wants to feature content in which those were written by legit experts specialty.


Be Transparent

To figure out your site’s E-A-T, Google probably focuses on off-site signals.

This means having:

  • Thorough about page
  • Easy to find the contact page
  • References and external links to sources
  • Privacy policy and terms of service
  • Author bylines on every article


Get Cited

Apart from creating an awesome site, how do you get other people to mention you and your site as a go-to resource?

  1. You need to be cited on plenty of trusted websites.
  2. A specific topic needs to be associated with your site as a whole.


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