Simple Techniques for Today’s Client Communication

Simple Strategies for Improving Client Communication Today

Want to know more successful management, communication, and coordination techniques for SEO clients? Effective customer communication is a necessity whether you operate in-house or for an SEO service.

Discuss the subject and offer some fast hints for better customer communication, management, and coordination using a variety of strategies, such as:

  • Major client management mistakes
  • The building blocks of successful client management
  • Choosing SEO client communication frequency & medium
  • The best SEO communication tools
  • Final SEO management tips


Major client management mistakes

Simple Techniques for Today's Client Communication

– Knowing when and how to say “no” to clients

As alluring as it may be, you don’t have to agree to every request a client makes, especially if it’s not within your purview. It can be simple to fall back on doing what the customer wants rather than establishing yourself as an authority who can guide the customer on priorities. However, this could work against you and your client’s success because it might keep them from attaining their long-term objectives.

Understanding their budget and using that knowledge to direct the scope and goals can mitigate this error. The easiest way to do this is to keep the lines of communication open about the expectations of the client throughout the entire process, from the initial sales consultation to project management.

In this way, the customer will understand how you are assisting them in achieving their ultimate goals and what it takes to get there without becoming distracted by issues that might make it more difficult to achieve those goals.


The building blocks of successful client management

Simple Techniques for Today's Client Communication

  • Utilizing thorough reports to demonstrate how you are assisting your clients
  • Use your reports to provide the client with a narrative

Giving clients detailed updates on your work is crucial, but doing so without providing them with the necessary context might cause issues.

It’s worth taking the time to explain the reports’ meaning and demonstrate how the KPIs that matter to them are progressing. This process begins with having a clear understanding of what those KPIs are.

For instance, you might be reporting on website traffic, keyword rankings, and brand awareness, but they might only be interested in ROI and how much money you are actually bringing in.


Choosing SEO client communication frequency & medium

Simple Techniques for Today's Client Communication

A weekly email update is a decent best practice, though it will depend on the client and their requirements.
Depending on the type of work you’re performing, the client’s preferences, and how integrated they are with your project management system, you may contact them more or less frequently.

For instance, having bi-weekly updates may be unnecessary if your productivity is more monthly and isn’t likely to provide outcomes in the meantime. A high frequency of meetings to discuss what is happening may also be less beneficial if they can view everything that is happening in the project management system.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, a best practice could be to email them once a week with an update on what we’re working on and what we’ve accomplished.


Best SEO Communication Tools

  1. Slack – A communication tool
  2. ClickUp – Project management tool
  3. Notion – Documentation Tool

The excellent project management application ClickUp enables you to maintain client data organization. M aintains all of the resources, project notes, meeting notes, sales notes, and other associated duties in what we refer to as our “client information center.” Additionally, it enables users to remark, inquire, and stay updated on events as they happen.

Slack is another excellent platform for internal communication that enables our remote agency to stay connected and share messages and files fast.


Final advice for SEO management

Simple Techniques for Today's Client Communication

The coordination of clients requires effective and transparent communication, which can take many different forms. One excellent best practice is to record updates and calls and to give a synopsis of the conversation. This provides you with a record to consult, reducing confusion on projects with many moving pieces and improving understanding of progress.

Another suggestion is to customize reports to illustrate and describe how installations have affected the client’s business objectives overall.

No matter what technologies you employ or how frequently you communicate with clients, make sure you are able to adequately explain what you are doing and why it is vital for their priorities.


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