How To Get Social Signals

how to get social signals

Social signals are referring to a webpage’s overall social media visibility like shares and likes as perceived by search engines. These activities come up with a page’s organic search ranking and are perceived as another form of citation, alike to backlinks. Social signals help you rank up higher when you significantly get moving to reach and impact on your digital marketing campaigns. These are human interaction metrics on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium etc. Examples of social signals are dislikes, likes, votes, shares, pins, views and many more which also help in showcasing popularity and attraction towards a piece of content. Just like SEO, social signals also consists of two core elements in social media, these are “onsite” and “offsite”. To properly initiate and grow a social media campaign, both elements must be present and refined.


Onsite elements include:

  • Share buttons (like, recommend, tweet, bookmark, etc.)
  • Connect buttons (Like Follow on Twitter, Facebook page, Follow on LinkedIn, etc.)
  • A blog

Offsite elements include:

  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Facebook page
  • Youtube account
  • Pinterest account
  • Guest blog posting
  • Other social media platforms

What is the importance Of Social Signals:

Here are just two of the powerful ways social signals can certainly affect your SEO and effectively increase the reach and potential of your content:


1.The Link Factor

Links are the major driving factor in SEO since social signals are also one factor that results in increasing online visibility, traffic, and brand awareness which contributes higher chance that articles with positive social signals correlation will result in greater inbound links and citations. Also, an adequate amount of social shares can reflect the quality of a blog post attracting more people to view it and link to it within its content.


2.The Social Proof

Social signals are the new social proof or social vote by the other form of advertising through the recommendations of friends and family. By this, it adds trustworthiness to your content and highlights the value of your post. You can earn more credibility to gain within your industry if you post more that gets shared, it increases the probability of influencers sharing it and linking it within your content.

4 Scheming Ways to Increase Your Social Signals:


1. Exploring Psychology of Sharing

One of the strategies in increasing social shares is to look into some of the main motivators why they are sharing. And below are some key points why people share:

  • To Support a Cause
  • To Stay Connected
  • For Self-fulfillment
  • To Define Who They Are
  • For Entertainment

2. Choose the Prime Times

Every day, thousands of posts are shared. Brands are increasingly struggling to get in front of the right people even their own social media fans and followers. Brands must be identified the best time to post is to stand the best chance of getting your own content to be seen. Using other tools might also help because not all can be an easy task, Follwerwonk or Buffer are some of the tools you can use to determine the best times to share content on Twitter. Buffer also schedules your post to send on the best time to get the highest engagement.

3. Pay it Forward

Spending money on social media platforms to successfully attain any kind of reach is increasingly being demanded by Digital Marketers. Brands especially those who have a tighter budget may investigate first where their audience is investing. 

4. Embed Social Sharing Within Email

Make it a point to share your content as easy as possible for readers. MailChimp makes it super simple to add social sharing icons at the bottom of your emails, tempting your subscribers to share quickly. Also make use of the “Forward to friend” option to increase the likelihood of your content.

5. Influencer Outreach

Influencers built a higher impact and have a significant social media following as they reach thousands of potential clients seeing your content which likely results in double-digit views.


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