How To Fix GMB Suspended Due to Quality Issues

How to fix suspended GMB

Ways on how to Fix a suspended Google My Business and what does due to quality issues mean?

It simply means Google isn’t happy with one of the details you have entered. If it believes it’s a genuine mistake this is known as a soft suspension and is easily fixed. See below.

Why would Google My Business suspend my location?

It will normally be due to you breaking one of the guidelines. Simply analyze the information provided and you will locate where the issue is. Then remedy it and request reinstatement.

What type of things are businesses suspended for?
If you have multiple listings for one business or No physical location, registered an account twice, or provided incorrect contact Information these are generally the most common suspension issues.

Google My Business Quality Issues Fix from Zane Clements

Timestamps for this Google My Business video above. Click on the chapter and it will take you to the correct part of the video.

  • 1:00 Introduction to Google My Business
  • 1:25 The issue of having a suspended a Google My Business account
  • 1:54 2 types of suspensions
  • 2:08 Looking at the Google My Business screencast
  • 2:34 Showing status suspension on locations
  • 3:15 Reasons for suspension list and quality issues
  • 4:10 Why does Google suspend accounts?
  • 4:35 what to do next in the process
  • 5:00 Support page and process to fix Google My Business
  • 5:42 2 types of GMB suspensions explained in detail
  • 6:30 Concluding comments

Google My Business Reinstatement Process
We are now going to look at 3 parts of the process. This is so you have a full understanding before you dive in with the reinstatement form. If you understand the process, you’re more likely to succeed the first time and save weeks of suspension.

1. Why You May of Been Suspended By Google My Business Quality Assurance team
Why did Google My Business suspend you is the question you need to ask. Be honest with yourself Did you add something that you knew would be considered borderline?

  • Below are the most common reasons: Redirect / spamming links
  • Tracking URL’s
  • Multiple listings for one business
  • Online-only businesses are disqualified from business listings
  • No physical location or a PO box or a remote mailbox
  • Registered an account twice
  • Certain Business categories are considered high risk by Google and get more scrutiny
  • Information or NAP is incorrect
  • Service-area businesses must hide their address field

What type of suspension did the Quality Assurance team give you?

With a hard and soft suspension, it’s worth doing a search on Google Maps to see which one they gave. It’s most likely to be a soft suspension which is a lot easier to cope with. If its the hard suspension then you are going to have to do quite a bit of work to get this turned around.

Soft Suspension Explained

You do a search in Google Maps and still see your business. Awesome. Your business has a soft suspension and requires reclaiming and re-verifying. You should find a quick change to the issue they found will get this resolved and the listing will be up and running.

Hard Suspension Explained

You do a search in Google Maps and can not see your business! Not Good!. Your business has a hard suspension Google My Business Team has probably removed your business listing from all search results. You need to follow the process below and make sure you read, understand, and follow Google’s protocol and be very patient as it will take time.

Follow This Simple Process to Resolve Your Quality Issues

  1. Complete the  Reinstatement Form on
  2. Let a few weeks pass by
  3. Look at the email from the quality assurance team hopefully, they have removed the suspension
  4. If you receive an email from the Google My Business Quality Assurance team with your business is still in suspension call the Google My Business support team
  5. Discover why the Google My Business Support team still feels you worthy of suspension and follow their recommendations and implement them on your Google My Business Page
  6. Contact Google My Business Support and follow their protocols, and you’ll have a good chance of being reinstated and returning to your usual local search ranking.
  7. Re-apply again when you believe you can’t fix anything else.

Getting a suspension for Google My Business sounds drastic. The message that says “google my business is suspended due to quality issues” is scary notice. But It’s more common than you would expect. There are a lot of hoops to jump through when things go wrong so just keep a methodical process and keep patient and any honest business will be up and running again in no time. A large number of businesses across the country receive these notices. Follow the Video above, don’t contact me just contact Google My Business Support and you will be in the right place.

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