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Having a Google Business Profile is crucial if you own a local business or work as a marketing for local businesses (formerly known as Google My Business).

Since its launch in 2014, businesses all over the world have embraced this crucial local marketing tool. You should incorporate Google Business Profile (GBP) into your normal marketing efforts if you own a local-area business like a gym, restaurant, or plumbing service.

It should be a top priority for any local business to rank in the Local Pack and the Local Finder, which you cannot do without GBP. You surely won’t want to take a chance on missing out on this enormous potential slice of web traffic since the Local Pack is displayed at the very top of the search results for a local query. But first, you’ll need to brush up on the fundamentals before diving into a Google Business Profile Audit. 


The Google Business Profile Guide

In this comprehensive Google Business Profile guide, we’ll go through the ins and outs of the tool and show you how to go above and beyond to make it effective for you. We advise either reading “What is Google Business Profile?” or our introduction to Google Business Profile first.

There are many opportunities to market your company and interact with your audience thanks to the amazing features available, such as collecting customer reviews, posting images and videos, providing updates, and responding to queries.

The GBP platform is completely free for everyone, so there shouldn’t be any obstacles in the way of using it in your local marketing plan. In fact, every local company that wishes to stand out and get traction online should consider this to be a crucial component of their strategy.

When you’ve finished reading this hub, you’ll know the answers to all of your GBP-related queries and be able to use this platform to promote your company.

Are you prepared to begin? Let’s begin straight away!


A Google Business Profile: What Is It?

Have you ever questioned how Google is able to display a business or service close to where you are, even if you don’t include “near me” in your search?

This isn’t a trick of the search engines. It’s likely that many local businesses displayed in Google search results have taken one easy step: claimed their Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business).

You may use this effective SEO tool yourself to promote your company to local customers who are looking to buy goods or services nearby.


What is the purpose of a Google Business Profile?

Businesses can effectively appeal to local customers by using the free Google Business Profile service.

It provides a simple method for creating, managing, and optimizing the data that represents their company in Google search results, on Google Maps, and (sometimes) in Google Shopping.

Your information—such as your name, address, operating hours, and website—will be displayed to an interested audience when someone searches for nearby services or companies.


Where can I find my Google Business Profile online?

Depending on the sort of search being done, Google Business information can be found in a variety of search properties.


Google Knowledge Panel

When your company name is entered as the search keyword, a box to the right of the search results displays data from your Google Business Profile. This provides useful details about your company, such as your physical address, contact phone number, and operating hours, to local search users.


Finder/Local Pack for Google

When a user searches on Google for a certain kind of local business, the search results will display information from Google Business Profiles in a list below a map. The Google Local Pack / Local Finder is in this region. Each company’s information is taken from its Google Business Profile.



Google Maps

The search user will be directed to a huge map with pins designating business locations and a Knowledge Panel for the chosen business after clicking on any of the business names in the list.



For whom is a Google Business Profile appropriate?

Launched in 2014, Google Business Profile serves as a one-stop shop for promoting local businesses. Google stated that it was developed for businesses as “a free and easy method to find and interact with your people, wherever you are” in its official release.

You should make sure you qualify for a Google Business Profile before rushing to get started because not all firms are qualified.

You can claim your Google business listing without having a website for your company. In fact, you can make a mobile-friendly website for free using Google Business Profile.

However, you must run a company that interacts with clients directly, whether it be at your place of business or somewhere else, like at their homes or another location.

Online-only companies are unable to submit an application for a Google business listing.


What makes a Google Business Profile necessary?

Since Google Business Profile is a free tool, you can create one on your own without spending any money on advertising. In exchange, it provides a number of advantages that will boost your business revenue by assisting you in closing more transactions.

1. An increase in visibility in Google Maps and searches

Four out of five people, according to Google, use search to discover a local business, and research on local search ranking criteria shows that listings information has a direct impact on how visible your business is in Google’s Local Pack, the Knowledge Panel, and Google Maps results.

The Google business listing is similar to a dating profile. Here’s your chance to showcase everything that distinguishes your company from the competition and appeal to local customers as well as Google:

  • So who are you? the fundamentals, like your name, address, and hours of operation.
  • How do you behave? secondary and primary business categories.
  • Why ought I to pick you? Show off your online reviews and add a fascinating summary and eye-catching photographs.

Google can use this information to determine when and when to display your company to users by learning what you do and where you are located.


2. It Helps You Win More Business

As a local company, there’s a good probability that someone else in your town or city sells the same goods or has the same knowledge.

People have an easy way to compare similar service providers and shops because of Google’s company listings. Because listings are uniform, users may quickly restrict their options and choose the person who best suits their needs.

As a result, a Google business listing is a crucial SEO tool for reaching out to locals who are searching for a particular good or service or who are newcomers to the region.


3. It’ll Display Your Reviews

There is no denying the effectiveness of online reviews as a sales tool. They serve as recommendations in the digital age, providing individuals with useful information about where to spend their money.

When evaluating an unfamiliar company, peer feedback is highly valued and can convince a hesitant consumer to become a loyal customer.

With a Google business listing, you can easily respond to reviews and keep track of what people are saying about your company.



4. It Provides Useful Data Regarding Your Audience

The “Insights” component of the Google Business Profile dashboard is present. This provides you with helpful data regarding the actions of your audience and the success of your company in search, as the name would imply.

This information might help you determine whether customers are directly searching for your company name or using other search phrases to discover you. Additionally, insights allow you to monitor the actions that customers do after viewing your profile, such as calling or asking for directions.

Our Google Business Profile Insights study delves into what to anticipate and how to use this information to your advantage.

Currently, the Business Profile dashboard can only display data going back six months. BrightLocal’s GBP audit tool gives you access to 18 months’ worth of Insights data if you want to go back further.


What characteristics does Google Business Profile have?

Access to a dashboard of tools is available once your Google Business listing has been claimed and validated. Features consist of:

  • A description of your business that provides additional information about it to users of local search engines.
  • Questions and Responses from nearby clients
  • Reviews
  • Posts to announce events, updates, and deals
  • Images and videos, both yours as the company owner and those of customers
  • Useful details like contact details and hours of operation
  • Appointments, reservations, and bookings


How do I use Google Business Profile?

As a business owner, you may communicate useful details, news, updates, and deals about your establishment with nearby customers using Google Business Profile. After claiming your free listing, you’ll fill out your listing information by including information like your business’s opening hours, contact details, images, and a description of the services or goods your company offers.

You’ll need to check in frequently to respond to reviews, address queries, add new pictures, and share Posts once you’ve completed the necessary details (small updates from your business, event information, or offers).


How does Google Business Profile work for users?

Customers may identify local firms using Google Business Profile, compare them, and obtain useful features like their contact information, business hours, and feedback from previous customers. Customers can post their own photos and videos highlighting their experiences with your company, goods, or services in addition to leaving reviews and suggesting revisions for your listing.


What should I include in my Google Business Profile?

Include valuable local information about your company in your Google Business Profile, such as an accurate address, phone number, website address, and operating hours. Along with information about your goods and services, it must include useful pictures and videos.

Once your basic information has been updated, you should try to respond to any queries that customers pose and offer frequent updates about your company via Posts. These might include any brand-new product or service releases, adjustments to your business hours, the hiring of new team members, company milestones, references to fresh blog pieces, and any current specials or promotions.


What does Google Business Profile serve?

Local businesses that offer the precise goods and services that local searches are looking for can be found thanks to Google Business Profile. It is essential to local search because search results are based on data from Google Business Profiles. Additionally, listing information makes it simpler for nearby customers to find your business and get in touch with you.


Is Google Business Profile completely free?

Yes, using Google Business Profile is totally free. There are no fees associated with claiming your business listing or using any of the services of the Google Business Profile, such as reviews, posts, photographs, and insights.


Do I need a Google Business Profile?

For qualified local firms, Google Business Profile is quite advantageous. Your listing may aid in improving your visibility to local users and your prominence in local search results. A Google Business Profile is a must if you want to expand your company and attract more local customers or foot traffic to your brick and mortar store.


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