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What will you get?

✅300 Local Places(Geotagged Google Map Citations)(Premium)
✅45 | 15 | 10 mile Radius Geotagged Map
✅20 driving point directions
✅10 Geotagged photos embedded inside the Google Mymaps
➕NAP embedding on the Geotagged Map
➕Bonus 5-Mile Radius(Premium)
➕Bonus Youtube Geotagged Video(Premium)
➕10 Google Stacking Photos(Premium)
➕Bonus 99 High DA Backlinks with Google Map CID(Premium)
➕Safe 30-Days Drip-fed Paid Links Indexing(Premium)
➕SEO Recommendations +Secret Recipe

📦 Deliverables

Geotagged Map(Google Indexable)

+Bonus Youtube Geotagged Video

+Bonus Google Stacking Photos

🙏What do we need from you?  

To start your order, I  need you to provide the needed  requirements:

1. Your/client website url
2. Main target keyword & 10 supporting keywords
3. NAP(business name, address, phone number)
4. GBP link (please provide the full business search address if you’re listed as a service area, we need that address to create the map  center  point  )  click here to know how to find your  gmb search url  [for  unclaimed & SAB(service area business), please send your exact latitude & longitude location]
5. Short description of your company(110 characters).

Question: Is Google Map Citations Strategy safe?

Answer: YES 100% safe proven & tested,  they are manually-done by my team. “We will refund your money if your site or GBP was suspended because of it🤜🤛”

Question: What is the difference of your Google Map Citations from others?

Answer: It’s Advanced, actually it’s one of the top selling service on, I am the one with screen name SEOMagician in that freelance marketplace platform that has more than 6000+ completed orders in just a span of 5 years, you can check it here. Simply adding map citations is not going to work anymore. Your map should include all the elements Google is looking for, like the ones I mentioned above.



Advanced Google Map Citations Proven Results

Advanced Google Map Citations

Advanced Google Map Citations

Advanced Google Map Citations

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How confident are you that your Advanced Google Map Citation service will work?

Honestly, I am very confident because I did it already a lot of times, and I do have so many clients that are keep coming back to order for more, so far I did not yet receive any complaints, if it works for them, I am sure that it will for your business as well.

What is your advise on newly created GBP’s/websites?

If your website is just new probably my geotagged map combo services will help your site to boost on local 3-pack and organic search results

Is this Google Map Citations Service effective on keywords with medium-high competition?

When it comes to ranking on the Google Local 3-pack usually I always advise to get the geotagged map service together with the service add-ons to maximize the Google maps campaign efforts + on-page seo optimization is a must.

I saw the Google map citations, what is their purpose?

Their main objective is to boost the gmb page by combining with the youtube geotagged video and geotagged image inside the custom google map which is a sister product of Google that has DA90+ then boosting the geotagged map with web 2.0 map embeds will further boost the gmb. So far it’s very effective and safe because the the geotagged map works in the background and it was not being indexed on Google because of the code it has but the effect of it on the gmb/website is impressive, so far I did not yet received any complaints from my recet clients , and that’s for almost 2 years now, I think if it works with them, it will work for your business as well.

Do you have 100% money back guarantee?

Given the nature of services we offered, please note that there are no refunds provided for any reason once the sale is made(unless the order was not delivered at all) so be sure that you know what you want before placing your order and ask any questions you have before you order. This policy is 100% firm so please bear with us.


Unfortunately, I no longer accept any service that in any way mentions, supports, allows, promotes or in any way involves illegal drugs, sex, cannabis, marijuana or anything else related to them.

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